This bundle includes:
- 1 Moon Sweater (your choice of design placement)
- 1 Lucid Thoughts Logo T-shirt (random colour picking)
- Sticker Bundle (1 logo, 2 designed)
- 1 A6 double sided postcard with Burnt Out Design and Caffeine design.

I'm turning 25 and I wanted to release a bundle to celebrate that! This pre-order will run for 25 days from the 14.04.21 until the 09.05.21 (plenty of time to get your orders in!)

Because we're all about handmade products, we wanted to give you the option of where the design goes on your sweatshirt - so in the drop down menu please select if you want a SLEEVE design or a BACK design - it's one or the other, not both (unless you really want both, I personally think it would be overkill but message me if that's something you'd be interested in...)

Same goes for the front design please select either the TEXT logo which is centred or the CRYSTAL logo which is on the left side breast.

If you need any help please get in touch, I've tried to make this as streamlined as possible but I understand it might be confusing for some! First time trying something like this so I'm hoping it works!

The size of the Logo T-shirt will be the same size as the sweater (if you'd like to request an alt size again, just message me)

Can message me here on the CONTACT page, or on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK.

Lucid Thoughts Apparel is all about zero waste. With it being made to order, sometimes a wee blob of ink may go astray, or the screen might shift a little bit. So these prints aren't always perfect. But we celebrate that, we don't throw something away 'cuz of a wee misprint. So be aware that your order may look a bit different, but thats ohkay - mistakes are meant to be made!